That’s unbeWEAVEable!

The inspiration behind the flamboyant title? I pictured a friend of mine flicking hers around as she spoke out against Remi-challenged women whose weaves are, to put it nicely- tired. The topic behind it? Ethnic notions of beauty. And when I refer to ‘ethnic,’ I mean black females, irrelevant of their ethnic origin or complexion. The … Continue reading


SO I thought I’d take a break from the confines of articles and revive my imagination for a little bit. I’ve purposely left the post untitled, because it’s better that way. And by the way, if you want to read part 2. then get commenting!! Strictly ‘supply and demand’. It wasn’t that I expected anything to … Continue reading

On Repeat

Just a couple vids that I’ve come across recently and that I can see myself rinsing out. I’ll add the necessary reviews and my usual sarcasm later, but for now I’ll leave you this. And please don’t comment informing me that I’m slightly late- I’m well aware.

Inside the mind of: Alexander Jackman

Post-modernism set the trend for innovative literature and has since welcomed a barrage of unconventional authors from the UK. Over police sirens and London traffic, I finally got to speak with one of them, 30-year-old Alexander Jackman about his debut book, I AM and in doing so got to the bottom of his growing zest for … Continue reading

Throw me up against the wall

  I haven’t even started writing this post and I’m grinning like a school girl. At the minute I’m unusure of whether it’s a nervous or an amused laugh, but let’s not stray from the topic at hand…I have no idea if you know what I’m going to proceed with, but hey “Let’s talk about sex, baby!” … Continue reading

Asalaamu Alaykum brudha.

The world couldn’t have anticipated the impact of either 9/11 or 7/7 on the Muslim community, but those tragic events tarnished the reputation of Islam. Suddenly a religion of contempt, Muslims faced persecution like never before. However the media’s moral panic had no effect upon the upsurge of Muslim converts, most notably ones that were black. … Continue reading

I now have a Blogspot!! Blog still under construction, but now you have the pleasure of getting me at 2 places (Happy Days!)

Replicated NEVER Duplicated-Grace Jones

  …And that’s exactly who I was for the day- 1980s black icon, the incredible Grace Jones. Famed for her unique style and striking features, the now 61-year-old continues to epitomise individuality and androgyny. Regarded as frightening to some, but  to others-a photographer’s dream, Ms. Jones possesses a sense of questionable beauty coveted by the world of popular … Continue reading


Ever since the release of his platinum-selling debut album, I Am Chipmunk and shocking the scene with his mainstream success meanwhile studying for his GCSEs, the 19-year-old London Mcee, Jahmaal Fyffe aka Chipmunk has indefinitely defied all odds. He proved to the UK that any probability of him becoming another Channel U one-hit wonder was less than likely. With the … Continue reading