Ladies Night @ Salon Revolution

Play: DJ Gutu House Mix So it’s not often that I go to great lengths to pamper myself. On the contrary, I’ve visited a nail salon twice and despised the wait on both occasions, have never spent time in a hotel spa covered in brown slush, and am too much of a control freak to … Continue reading

Adidas: We Are London

Year-to-year plans rarely go to plan

…Do they? To be honest I really don’t know the answer to my question, but as conversation swiftly moved from one topic to another, with frequent bouts of laughter in between, the subject of ‘life’ mingled its way in. And as each of us put our fifty-pence into the discussion, bordering on debate, it became painfully clear … Continue reading

Def Jam Poetry-Bi-Racial Hair

These are some deep words…love this one!

Def Jam Poetry

Thea Monyee, Woman To Woman…

How to turn a frown upside down…

18.02.10 (backdated a few days) It’s shocking the amount of to-do lists, healthy eating plans, how-to books and all the rest of the mumbo-jumbo that we try and ultimately fail once the new years arrived. And despite the amount of bitching that I do about the fact that these exist, I actually can’t exclude myself from … Continue reading