My tram experience: pathetic but not shocking

When I first heard about the insulting ‘My tram experience’ video, I just happened to be fishing about online hoping that another politician had made an absurd or somewhat controversial statement in the past week or two about say, racist bankers. It was as I scrolled further down the news home page on the Daily Mail … Continue reading

Nadine Dorries Controversial Abortion Clause

So-called ‘women’s issues’ are never the easiest to discuss and this unease doesn’t exclude the House of Parliament which is set to debate later today the controversial amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill. Tabled by backbench Tory MP Nadine Dorries and Labour’s Frank Field, abortion has been thrust into the forefront of the news … Continue reading

I now have a Blogspot!! Blog still under construction, but now you have the pleasure of getting me at 2 places (Happy Days!)


I’m all for doing things for the sake of art, but when no-one else can fathom where the artistic integrity lies, maybe it’s a bit of a silly concept. Haven’t heard the song yet, and I doubt I’ll purchase the upcoming album- I’m not what you’d call her biggest fan, but one thing I will be doing is tuning in … Continue reading

Ian Huntley gets what he deserves??

Soham killer Ian Huntley’s throat slashed in prison Ian Huntley, who killed schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham in 2003, has been taken to hospital after having his throat slashed. And apparently this isn’t the first attempt on the 36-year-old’s life. So let me put the question out there, does he deserve to have … Continue reading