Marsha Ambrosius promotes safe sex

The amazingly talented Marsha Ambrosius returns with the third single from her debut LP, Late Nights & Early Mornings, carrying a poignant message about the dangers of unprotected sex. Premiered just yesterday on the US Centric TV, the video shows the sensual side to the singer as she seduces her willing male counterpart, meanwhile in the split screen the … Continue reading

Bang! Man Down

Rihanna’s name has been splashed all over the internet recently, but it isn’t that much of a suprise as we all know that the RnB songstress does nothing by halves. Slammed by critics after allegedly groping a young female fan at a meet n greet session, suing fashion house Gucci for $5 million worth of damages and then releasing the … Continue reading

On Repeat

Just a couple vids that I’ve come across recently and that I can see myself rinsing out. I’ll add the necessary reviews and my usual sarcasm later, but for now I’ll leave you this. And please don’t comment informing me that I’m slightly late- I’m well aware.


Ever since the release of his platinum-selling debut album, I Am Chipmunk and shocking the scene with his mainstream success meanwhile studying for his GCSEs, the 19-year-old London Mcee, Jahmaal Fyffe aka Chipmunk has indefinitely defied all odds. He proved to the UK that any probability of him becoming another Channel U one-hit wonder was less than likely. With the … Continue reading


I’m all for doing things for the sake of art, but when no-one else can fathom where the artistic integrity lies, maybe it’s a bit of a silly concept. Haven’t heard the song yet, and I doubt I’ll purchase the upcoming album- I’m not what you’d call her biggest fan, but one thing I will be doing is tuning in … Continue reading

The soundtrack to last night’s antics

It wasn’t Candy or the Migraine Skank that got everyone bouncing in a circle, it was this tune! Now (unfortunately) also a reminder of lesbian encounters and sheer embarrassment, but I’m sure my street cred will build itself back up again…(I hope) Keep checking the blog if you want to hear about/ see photographic evidence of this … Continue reading

Subliminal messages?…Possibly.

In response to my recent Lady Gaga post, one of my close friends shared this link with me on Facebook…  With all the recent hype surrounding the Freemason’s and other corrupt forces seeping their way into popular culture, it definitely opens the floodgates for debate. Just some food for thought guys.

Quirky Gaga does it again!

Controversial to say the least, (the first few minutes could easily be mistaken for soft porn) and with all the brand endorsements I’m wondering whether to call it a video or an advertisement!  Nevertheless the full 10-minute feature-film is oh so Gaga- eccentric, entertaining and laced with creative ensembles. The super team’s back to takeover the charts once again…here’s Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce- Telephone…Press … Continue reading

OMG Trey’s killing me right now!!!

Now I was jamming to this tune a gooooood while ago, but now I have a VIDEO??! I don’t think I can cope with hearing his voice and seeing him in the throws of passion at the same time. I might just spontaneously combust!! But let me watch it one more time and I’ll report back afterwards … Continue reading