A promise to my craft

Yesterday I made a vow to fall in love with writing again. It was that simple. The same precise thought that knocked me out of this no-man’s land where words were concerned, I scribbled at the top of my diary and unlike a lot of the other literature that I write down, this note was … Continue reading

Nadine Dorries Controversial Abortion Clause

So-called ‘women’s issues’ are never the easiest to discuss and this unease doesn’t exclude the House of Parliament which is set to debate later today the controversial amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill. Tabled by backbench Tory MP Nadine Dorries and Labour’s Frank Field, abortion has been thrust into the forefront of the news … Continue reading

Indecisive Me

There’s nothing I enjoy more than throwing items out of my room, my drawers and my life. Whether it’s paper or fabric, clutter is my personal deal breaker in whatever form, and I have no choice but to eliminate it. Admittedly, I often act on a whim, using my emotions rather than rational thought. Many numbers, texts … Continue reading

My mantra for life

The words may have been sent to me via a Blackberry Messenger broadcast, but it isn’t the means of delivery that’s important, just the message – which I think is lovely… “Five Great Wisdoms… 1. If you’re right then there is no need to get angry – and if you’re wrong then you don’t have any … Continue reading

Inside the mind of: Alexander Jackman

Post-modernism set the trend for innovative literature and has since welcomed a barrage of unconventional authors from the UK. Over police sirens and London traffic, I finally got to speak with one of them, 30-year-old Alexander Jackman about his debut book, I AM and in doing so got to the bottom of his growing zest for … Continue reading

Throw me up against the wall

  I haven’t even started writing this post and I’m grinning like a school girl. At the minute I’m unusure of whether it’s a nervous or an amused laugh, but let’s not stray from the topic at hand…I have no idea if you know what I’m going to proceed with, but hey “Let’s talk about sex, baby!” … Continue reading

Asalaamu Alaykum brudha.

The world couldn’t have anticipated the impact of either 9/11 or 7/7 on the Muslim community, but those tragic events tarnished the reputation of Islam. Suddenly a religion of contempt, Muslims faced persecution like never before. However the media’s moral panic had no effect upon the upsurge of Muslim converts, most notably ones that were black. … Continue reading

Me, Myself and I

At this particular moment I have a huge grey cloud of dread looming over me as I’m about to lay out all my cards on the table and take part in some, very public, self-reflection. But spurred on by a few meaningful conversations I’ve had recently, I feel like I need to get this out there. It may actually do … Continue reading

Ian Huntley gets what he deserves??

Soham killer Ian Huntley’s throat slashed in prison Ian Huntley, who killed schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham in 2003, has been taken to hospital after having his throat slashed. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/7494730/Soham-killer-Ian-Huntleys-throat-slashed-in-prison.html And apparently this isn’t the first attempt on the 36-year-old’s life. So let me put the question out there, does he deserve to have … Continue reading

The soundtrack to last night’s antics

It wasn’t Candy or the Migraine Skank that got everyone bouncing in a circle, it was this tune! Now (unfortunately) also a reminder of lesbian encounters and sheer embarrassment, but I’m sure my street cred will build itself back up again…(I hope) Keep checking the blog if you want to hear about/ see photographic evidence of this … Continue reading