Indecisive Me

There’s nothing I enjoy more than throwing items out of my room, my drawers and my life. Whether it’s paper or fabric, clutter is my personal deal breaker in whatever form, and I have no choice but to eliminate it. Admittedly, I often act on a whim, using my emotions rather than rational thought. Many numbers, texts … Continue reading

Replicated NEVER Duplicated-Grace Jones

  …And that’s exactly who I was for the day- 1980s black icon, the incredible Grace Jones. Famed for her unique style and striking features, the now 61-year-old continues to epitomise individuality and androgyny. Regarded as frightening to some, but  to others-a photographer’s dream, Ms. Jones possesses a sense of questionable beauty coveted by the world of popular … Continue reading

Fresh2Def on ‘Word On Road’ TV!!

Check it.

Fashion stops for no-one

Just as we’re approaching the excitement of Spring/Summer 2010 with all its nudes, silks and chiffon, the fashion world has rapidly jumped ahead. The buzz of Autumn/Winter is causing a frenzy amongst industry insiders and what we should be wearing come September has already being decided. Summer is ‘oh-so last season darling,’ time to start planning your winter wardrobe!… “Statement coat-CHECK, leather handbag- CHECK, something beige, something … Continue reading

Quote of the DAY:

“Self  love is the best love!” YES IT IS!! As said by Brooklyn photographer, Neef Fresh…and she couldn’t have summed up a better philosophy…check her interview with designer, Dan from Fresh 2 Def Clothing by hitting the link:

Anna Wintour Portrait UNVEILED

The Devil Wears Prada incarnate becomes immortalised onto canvas…Resemblance or No?