Tales from Jamaica- the Veranda

Beneath the zinc rooftop where the bug-seeking lizards scurry between tree bark and wooden planks, and there opposite the half-brick half-concrete liquor shop, the sound of dominoes slapping down from rum touched and sweaty palms echoes and travels across the decrepit road – with the shock factor of an unsuspected mosquito bite. Overlooking trees which bare many brightly-coloured fruits, … Continue reading

Marsha Ambrosius promotes safe sex

The amazingly talented Marsha Ambrosius returns with the third single from her debut LP, Late Nights & Early Mornings, carrying a poignant message about the dangers of unprotected sex. Premiered just yesterday on the US Centric TV, the video shows the sensual side to the singer as she seduces her willing male counterpart, meanwhile in the split screen the … Continue reading

Bang! Man Down

Rihanna’s name has been splashed all over the internet recently, but it isn’t that much of a suprise as we all know that the RnB songstress does nothing by halves. Slammed by critics after allegedly groping a young female fan at a meet n greet session, suing fashion house Gucci for $5 million worth of damages and then releasing the … Continue reading

That’s unbeWEAVEable!

The inspiration behind the flamboyant title? I pictured a friend of mine flicking hers around as she spoke out against Remi-challenged women whose weaves are, to put it nicely- tired. The topic behind it? Ethnic notions of beauty. And when I refer to ‘ethnic,’ I mean black females, irrelevant of their ethnic origin or complexion. The … Continue reading

Inside the mind of: Alexander Jackman

Post-modernism set the trend for innovative literature and has since welcomed a barrage of unconventional authors from the UK. Over police sirens and London traffic, I finally got to speak with one of them, 30-year-old Alexander Jackman about his debut book, I AM and in doing so got to the bottom of his growing zest for … Continue reading

Throw me up against the wall

  I haven’t even started writing this post and I’m grinning like a school girl. At the minute I’m unusure of whether it’s a nervous or an amused laugh, but let’s not stray from the topic at hand…I have no idea if you know what I’m going to proceed with, but hey “Let’s talk about sex, baby!” … Continue reading

Replicated NEVER Duplicated-Grace Jones

  …And that’s exactly who I was for the day- 1980s black icon, the incredible Grace Jones. Famed for her unique style and striking features, the now 61-year-old continues to epitomise individuality and androgyny. Regarded as frightening to some, but  to others-a photographer’s dream, Ms. Jones possesses a sense of questionable beauty coveted by the world of popular … Continue reading

Subliminal messages?…Possibly.

In response to my recent Lady Gaga post, one of my close friends shared this link with me on Facebook… http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=3423  With all the recent hype surrounding the Freemason’s and other corrupt forces seeping their way into popular culture, it definitely opens the floodgates for debate. Just some food for thought guys.

Quote of the DAY:

“Self  love is the best love!” YES IT IS!! As said by Brooklyn photographer, Neef Fresh…and she couldn’t have summed up a better philosophy…check her interview with designer, Dan from Fresh 2 Def Clothing by hitting the link: http://www.f2dcollection.com/wp/2010/02/people-focus-neef-fresh/