Ladies Night @ Salon Revolution

Nails by Tamore

Play: DJ Gutu House Mix

So it’s not often that I go to great lengths to pamper myself. On the contrary, I’ve visited a nail salon twice and despised the wait on both occasions, have never spent time in a hotel spa covered in brown slush, and am too much of a control freak to bare being prodded and poked when I could do it myself far quicker. That’s not to say that I won’t visit my beautician for a perfect bikini wax, but that’s for another blog post. I’m not particularly glamorous, so when I was invited by my friend, Jazmin Wilson to attend her charity Ladies’ Night in aid of British Red Cross, I jumped at a chance to maybe patch up my DIY manicure and take part in something feminine for a change.

L-R Host Jazmin & guest

While I circulated the room with my camera, the intimate crowd of sassy women began to gather around the different stations with open ears – armed with questions. Therapist & Skincare Specialist, Janet was on hand for eyebrow waxes, facials and hand massages – which by the way worked absolute magic, while Natalie of Bella Donna Artistry delivered live makeup demonstrations along with Tamar of Mary Kay Cosmetics, meanwhile Tamoré Nails prepped and polished our fingertips.

Natalie & model DJ GutuTamar demonstrates a smoky eyeJanet works her hand massage magic

The evening was a success with over £100 raised for charity and between the bubbly and cupcakes I was able to bag some great tips for all of you beauty enthusiasts…

1. Change your mascara every 3-6months to keep it at its best and prevent irritation.
2. When using eye shadow start off with a light coverage and build up gradually. It’s easy to add, but very hard to take off!
3. If you can’t find your perfect foundation shade, buy two and blend to match your complexion. Never go shades lighter or darker…you will look strange.
4. Your makeup bag essentials should be: cream blusher for a nice dewy glow, mascara to open the eyes and powder to matt your t-zone and keep excess oil at bay.
5. To open the eyes apply highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes, below the eyebrow arch and also down the middle of your nose.
6. Always apply blusher on your cheekbones to contour the face and create a permanent smile.

Janet, Therapist & Skincare Specialist, Regis Hair & Beauty Centre = T: 0121 6343434

Tamar Doyley-Jones, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics =                    M: 07947620913  E:

Natalie Posteraro, Bella Donna Artistry = M: 07973848865                                                                        E:





Tamar demonstrates a smoky eye



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