That’s unbeWEAVEable!

The inspiration behind the flamboyant title? I pictured a friend of mine flicking hers around as she spoke out against Remi-challenged women whose weaves are, to put it nicely- tired. The topic behind it? Ethnic notions of beauty. And when I refer to ‘ethnic,’ I mean black females, irrelevant of their ethnic origin or complexion.

Jourdan Dunn

The conversation began a few hours ago in a quirky and atmospheric café. Four girls, some with mugs of hot chocolate, another roaming her Blackberry, but each with a distinct image and equally unapologetic point-of-view. Whilst ranting about the dire state of our chipped nail varnish and debating femininely matters, one sassy lady who I’ll nickname, ‘Sasha Fierce,’ proceeded to become the butt of her own jokes by ridiculing her ‘fake’ add-ons: hair, nails and eyebrows. (Which by the way are the best illusions you’ll ever see.) Of course this sparked a humorous anecdote about the number of layers her future boyfriend will have to unravel to get to the ‘real’ her. Or did I say that? Anyway, all said in jest obviously, but Sasha also commented on her dislike for black females who make others feel inferior for celebrating such additions.

Now I can’t say I dabble in weaves that much, my first and last try ended with mild concussion due to excessive punching of my itchy scalp. I also have an extremely confident mother who has always embraced her natural beauty, and drummed into me that a lady should look different from daytime to evening. But what is the big deal? Some wear make-up, either to enhance or conceal, some prefer to volumise their hair with weave. Meanwhile, some have the confidence to rock nothing but some lip-gloss and a pair of jazzy earrings.

Fayruz Abdiaman

All of them beautiful, but yet have to defend their image from the criticism of fellow black women. Natural hair Vs. Relaxed, Fairer skin Vs. A chocolate glow, Kinky Vs. Loose curls– why is it that we’ve continued to adapt the same derogatory methods of separation as used against us years before? I myself am on a self-love mission, but blusher and lip stain makes me feel that little bit prettier, and nothing beats a confident woman, however they achieve it.

Beauty in its many forms

Post your comments below, guys as much as girls tell me what you think…






12 Responses to “That’s unbeWEAVEable!”
  1. Aaron Lawrence says:

    1stly this is well written and Natural! ive said that for a long time now and its nice to finally see someone who appreciates what they have, i dont mind SOME weaves if it is worn like a hat you want to try and see what it would look like now and again to experiment but rocking it like its YOUR hair has always got on my nerves, same with make up etc. One of the reasons i wrote a poem called “your body”

  2. i like makeup because i think it enhances my beauty. i like to make the effort and maybe put a bit of lippy /makeupon for the evening, like you said a lady should look different from daytime to evening. I don’t depend on weave, but i do like to be versatile with my look from time to time. and if it means putting a bit of weave to achieve the style i want, no doubt about it il go for it.

    Makeup is a bit risky, theres many people who abuse it n dont know how to use it, n den it looks terrible. I think if your going to wear makeup learn how to use it properly, like i said it can enhance ones beauty. and notice i used the word enhance. we are all beautiful natural.

    I love my complextion and i am brown like choclate. never really had a problem, and i dont think necessary a light skin person is anymore pretter than a dark skin person. I think people should embrace black beauty more, cuz its beautiful. and plus it suits our features.

    p.s i rock the natural look, just not to often, i like to make a effort and enhance my apprence from time to time, and not because im insecure, but because i have confidence to try something new, and to work it, and i work it real good. lol

    hmmm interesting topic.

  3. Leone says:

    India’s song I am not my hair comes to mind! ’cause it ain’t wants on my head it’s wants underneath it’! That’s the truth x

  4. GlitterBow says:

    Thanks for the comments guys! Was lovely to hear all of your opinions on the topic

  5. listen up says:

    Why, why, why must one person tell another how to be, what to wear how to dress,how to fix your hair especially if the person is looking good, be it that they have a weave, plaits locks or are natural. Lately I have noticed that everyone has jumped on the band wagon that if it is natural it looks good errrrr No. Cold climate, radio therapy, hormone disfunction, pregnancy, chemotherapy, stress, unavailable hair products, anaemia, alopocea, age and general changes in health have a strong bearing on the condition of natural hair and sometimes a little help is required to make a woman feel confident when these changes to the hair occure. Some sruggle to get the hair back to its original state and then the option which can be taken is extensions.
    I do sometimes get the feeling that woman who have natural over weaves etc consider them selves to be of a higher clibre and yes your hair is your beauty. However, I do agree being natural is the best, but unfortunatel natural does not always lo ok the best, and what would we preferre to see our sisters who cant achieve that best look, due to damage which is compromising their looks, confidence and self esteem ? I say no! Keep you weave if it makes you feel happy , its a chosen option for a personal and possibly an understandable and reason. When the weaves are looking bad , i agree its time they come out !!! but I have to also agree that when natural is looking bad fix it too……..cos as said not all natural always look good even if the argument is “well at least it is yours” I personally believe that some women see the good results weaving etc brings to an individuals beauty and starts bawling ” natural is best” etc as that individuals beauty sometimes mabe brought out by additions of false hair and may leave another sister feeling a little peaved that such could results could be achived. Hair extensions are just that and i affraid do not make a silk purse out of a soe’s ear.If I am lieing then why are women weaving plaiting , bonding, artificial locking etc etc. some women cant be at the top of the totem pole in regards to beautiful hair, but hair extension products are here and its a case of supply on demand and if there was not a demand for it , false hair wuld have frazzled out a long time ago.

    and p.s I have the same feelings about make up. If you dont want it dont wear it but stop critising other people who do especially when the end results is good. If a man who meets awoman dont like any f these things, then date marry the natural woman, but under everything even your clothes is a natural woman and hopefully a loving caring one who takes pride in all that are with you, for you and in you………..Now thats love 🙂

    • GlitterBow says:

      You have some strong opinions there, all of them valid and lovely to hear of course. I guess the secret is to just work with the materials well lol whether that be your genetic ones or ones bought at a shop- it’s all love

  6. kimberley says:

    hey, i saw your comment on my blog, ! just as i clicked on yours, yours looks so professional! soo where are your nude photos?? lol

  7. Nat says:

    Arrived here late, but what a great post! Loved it, Nat x

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