SO I thought I’d take a break from the confines of articles and revive my imagination for a little bit. I’ve purposely left the post untitled, because it’s better that way. And by the way, if you want to read part 2. then get commenting!! Strictly ‘supply and demand’.

It wasn’t that I expected anything to happen between us- actually, it was quite the opposite, but each time he cast a coy glance at me from across the corridor, I knew what he was thinking. There were no need for words. I purposely went downstairs to grab my post at the same time each morning- just to see him suited and booted in his business attire. I suppose it made it easier for me to envisage peeling them off him. Him with his black Mac and shoulder-length locks was all the visual aid I needed. And me, adorned in a fire red silk gown, with nothing but the slit of my breasts and pointy outline of my nipples peaking from underneath. As regular as clockwork, I bent down to scratch my ankle, revealing a few inches more of my naked flesh, and never did he not turn back as he stepped into the lift. But once those mechanical doors locked shut, the fun and games were over.

I hurried back to the apartment junk mail in hand, hoping not to catch any of the neighbours in an awkward meeting on the stairwell. There was enough of me on show to rouge some cheeks. Slamming the door behind me in a mad rush, I did nothing but lean against the back of it. I was overwhelmed by a sudden hot flush. I convinced myself that it was the dash upstairs and clasping both hands pressed them firm against my heart. It was beating more than usual, but I guess these things just happen. Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but to recollect on the last fifteen minutes. The glance back, the seductiveness of his smile. He gave me such a rush of excitement. No-one made me feel like this anymore. It was more than hair-raising. Lust maybe? I mean, what his name? Is he even single? But more importantly, what would happen if he touched me?

‘Such a vivid imagination,’ I said chuckling to myself. Day dreaming had become a way for me to pass the time of day. Silly for someone of my age, but I had to remind myself of how a woman is meant to feel. The evenings of butterflies in the stomach seemed so far behind me…Before I knew it I had managed to lose myself in my fantasy. Squinting, I could vaguely make out 13:19 on the clock. The TV remote still resting on my chest dropped to the floor with a harsh bang as I jumped to my feet, shocking me out of my disorientated state- along with the incessant tapping on the door. Fixing myself as best as I could I paced to the answer it, eager to stop the annoying knocking. Flinging the door open, startled but annoyed, I didn’t have a chance to utter a word.

Forcing his hands on my shoulders he firmly pushed me back inside my apartment. I felt my back slam against the cold wall and his index finger shushed my lips in haste. I knew what was happening, but it was almost surreal. My head was screaming at me to order him back to where he came from, but my whole body went limp. I didn’t want to fight it. Face to face, we breathed in perfect synchronicity. My chest heaved. He temptingly licked his lips and my nipples tingled with anticipation. And so it went until our fixation became too intense. Reaching his hand behind my head, he gripped my short curls and slowly pulled my head back, exposing my neck to do with what he wished. But he did nothing. Said nothing. All the while the throbbing beneath my underwear got harder. Like a drum the beat penetrated places I didn’t know I had. Starting at my ear his kisses trickled down the length of my toned frame. Leaving the apple of my cheeks, across to my parted lips- while his free hand roamed the width of my left thigh. I hoped both his mouth and hand would meet further down from the middle. His face slid down my stomach, and the further he ventured the more I arched my back, the little more I moaned and the tighter he gripped my body towards him. It was only a matter of time before he parted my loosely tied gown- it hung off my shoulders like a red cape off a matador. Indeed my dreadlocked stranger was the raging bull.


7 Responses to “Untitled”
  1. Sienna Gardner-Hillaire says:

    everytime I read this it has the same effect *tingling* lol u no what i mean…

  2. SelinaLovesLove says:

    OH MY FACKING GOSH VICKSTA! *total shock*

    From The Balsall Heathan to Erotica, what the hell are they teaching you non that journalism course!!???…hahahahaha

    That was hotter then a sauna….you secret little freak you loool

    You need to check out books by the author Zane, they are 50 times more explicit and erotic then that snippet you just wrote…I’m sure you’ll be in heaven reading them judging by the sounds of this…

    Stay talented, stay fierce, stay blessed xx

  3. Charlene J says:

    Bloody hell girl.
    That was frickin hot!!! You go girl, next chapter please.

  4. Bianca McLeish says:

    VICKY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH SUH YUH WRITE… Honestly, wow, i was at the edge of my seat the whole way through! PART 2 IS NEEDED!

  5. Fatima says:

    THIS IS GOOD STUFF!!! I enjoyed reading this, damn girl! Dont keep us waititng bring on part 2!

  6. GlitterBow says:

    Thank you guys for the comments!! Much appreciated…keep spreading the word xx

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