Ian Huntley gets what he deserves??

Soham killer Ian Huntley’s throat slashed in prison

Ian Huntley, who killed schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham in 2003, has been taken to hospital after having his throat slashed. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/7494730/Soham-killer-Ian-Huntleys-throat-slashed-in-prison.html

And apparently this isn’t the first attempt on the 36-year-old’s life. So let me put the question out there, does he deserve to have to serve his time in constant fear? I think an eye for an eye is how the saying goes…or is it a crime against his human rights? Now those of you who know me, know exactly what my response to this would be, but I’m attempting to remain impartial on this one occasion.

2 Responses to “Ian Huntley gets what he deserves??”
  1. barney alrewas says:

    It is a violation of his human right to serve his sentence without constant fear of attack. He was sentenced to jail, not to torture. The Prison Service should hang its head in shame.

    • GlitterBow says:

      Then you could argue that it serves him right for doing what he did to be there in the first place?! But I actually agree with you, serving his time shouldn’t have to be that torturous! More should be done to- I don’t like this word, but to ‘protect’ him. I can imagine that the guards let it go on as well.

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