Year-to-year plans rarely go to plan

Do they? To be honest I really don’t know the answer to my question, but as conversation swiftly moved from one topic to another, with frequent bouts of laughter in between, the subject of ‘life’ mingled its way in. And as each of us put our fifty-pence into the discussion, bordering on debate, it became painfully clear to me that I was the only one whose life isn’t slotted into chapters with bookmarks at consecutive pages.

Now I’m a very sensible person who clings to structure- the thought of not having it turns me into a chaotic mess. I mean, I note things down meticulously and my diary’s full of nonsense that sometimes even I don’t understand, BUT saying that, the furthest I’ve got to my so-called ‘life plan’ is where I’m sitting right now- at university. And then possibly onwards to a post-graduate, but what I do after that with either my education or otherwise is as good a guess to me as it is to anyone else.

SO while the girls share the precise time, month and year of each stage of their futures, the career waiting in the wings and the names of their unborn children, I sit there literally speechless, and sceptical. Surely your future isn’t a journey you plan? (Hence the point of it!) What happened to the wise ol’ saying of Carpe Diem?

I plan my breakfast for the morning after, the afternoon before, my outfit for a Thursday night raving session at least a week in advance and my assignments, well frankly I don’t plan them for long enough, but that’s the furthest ahead I’m willing to go.

One Response to “Year-to-year plans rarely go to plan”
  1. Charlotte (friend C!!)) says:

    i’m with you there vicksta!
    i don’t like planning so far ahead and frankly, I bloody enjoy not knowing what’s going to happen in the future! I think knowing/planning too much only makes room for huge dissapointment when the unpredictable circumstances that make up ‘life’ don’t conform to this ‘plan’.
    So whilst the others may have what they think is a well constructed, idealistic map of their future events, I can honestly say I am more than happy in leaving my future unplanned. We can only do what we do now to the best of our ability and hope it takes us to the right places – which if our hard work pays off, will inevitably do.

    From Char!

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