How to turn a frown upside down…

18.02.10 (backdated a few days)

It’s shocking the amount of to-do lists, healthy eating plans, how-to books and all the rest of the mumbo-jumbo that we try and ultimately fail once the new years arrived. And despite the amount of bitching that I do about the fact that these exist, I actually can’t exclude myself from this majority. (Unfortunately.)

Nearly three months into 2010 and how much of what I set out to do can I honestly say that I’ve accomplished? Fair enough these goals aka far-fetched dreams have a lifespan of 365 days, but time is precious and I definitely haven’t got it to lose right now.

Surprisingly, the motivation for life that I had at the start of the year has slowly disintegrated to the dire circumstances that I now call my ‘sorry’ existence. Having not left my room for the past two days, the only sighting of daylight I’ve had is from gazing out at the hustle and bustle underneath my window. With nothing but the comfort and company of my laptop, freeview box and French fries in assorted flavours I’ve somehow managed to survive.

But when I finally woke up this afternoon, after being a no-show to both my lectures and a spot of early morning fitness with Mi (friend A,) I had an epiphany and decided that I can’t continue on with my student ways. It’s seriously time to rise up and smell the cappuccino- get back on the bandwagon, before I get left behind…

First things first, rectify my waste-girl movements from this morning and put on the joggers and pumps. The half-an-hour round the block (in the rain) was just what me and Mi needed- oh and not to forget Si (friend B) who embodied the role of walking Tom-Tom better than any GPS device. Number two: Reintroduce some purpose into my day and reactivate this blog. A space to share my thoughts and rants outside of my own head. And well, for today that’s all I need to say I guess, but I’m anticipating no more days like today for a long while.

3 Responses to “How to turn a frown upside down…”
  1. Ato Anderson says:

    Hmm that’s a true honest open opinion you’ve shared there.
    Ironically you’ll be astonished and amazed how many people actually fall into this category. I myself I’m a victim and an accomplice. This is applicable to entirely almost every student or they have this moment in their life at some point of time. Time and tide they saw waits for no more. One will say had I known but it’s always at last. Precious time can’t be bought with riches or wealth.
    On the contrary we may have lost some time but thanks be to the heavens as we are still as fit as fiddle and kicking we can make the outermost use of what we have at hand. We’ll truly redeem the lost time for these days are evil.
    We lose some and we gain some.
    Against all hope we still have hope that one day we would be rejoicing for our harvest is in due season.

  2. Definitely, definitely. I have achieved the better part of one of my goals, which was to find a paid writing job.

    But the weight and fitness — I’ve been working out every day, only to lose 3 pounds! Not good. =)

    All in all, 2010 so far has been MY year. I’ve made stuff happen, I’ve been happier and I haven’t wallowed in self-pity or depression. I’m kicking ass so far.

    I’ve always said it Vicky, and I’ll say it again…some day in the not-too-distant future, I’m going to see your name in lights and say, “I knew her!”.

  3. GlitterBow says:

    LOOOL Sarah!! The weight and fitness I’m going mad on it myself, but I’ve shifted the post-Crimbo pudge now so I’m all good…

    And u defo are “kicking ass” but then you’re a ‘kiss-ass’-kinda girl!!

    Name in lights…fingers crossed!! x

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