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A promise to my craft

Yesterday I made a vow to fall in love with writing again. It was that simple. The same precise thought that knocked me out of this no-man’s land where words were concerned, I scribbled at the top of my diary and unlike a lot of the other literature that I write down, this note was … Continue reading

My tram experience: pathetic but not shocking

When I first heard about the insulting ‘My tram experience’ video, I just happened to be fishing about online hoping that another politician had made an absurd or somewhat controversial statement in the past week or two about say, racist bankers. It was as I scrolled further down the news home page on the Daily Mail … Continue reading

Nadine Dorries Controversial Abortion Clause

So-called ‘women’s issues’ are never the easiest to discuss and this unease doesn’t exclude the House of Parliament which is set to debate later today the controversial amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill. Tabled by backbench Tory MP Nadine Dorries and Labour’s Frank Field, abortion has been thrust into the forefront of the news … Continue reading

Indecisive Me

There’s nothing I enjoy more than throwing items out of my room, my drawers and my life. Whether it’s paper or fabric, clutter is my personal deal breaker in whatever form, and I have no choice but to eliminate it. Admittedly, I often act on a whim, using my emotions rather than rational thought. Many numbers, texts … Continue reading

My mantra for life

The words may have been sent to me via a Blackberry Messenger broadcast, but it isn’t the means of delivery that’s important, just the message – which I think is lovely… “Five Great Wisdoms… 1. If you’re right then there is no need to get angry – and if you’re wrong then you don’t have any … Continue reading

Ladies Night @ Salon Revolution

Play: DJ Gutu House Mix So it’s not often that I go to great lengths to pamper myself. On the contrary, I’ve visited a nail salon twice and despised the wait on both occasions, have never spent time in a hotel spa covered in brown slush, and am too much of a control freak to … Continue reading

Tales from Jamaica- Mr. Lover Lover

He rode the back of his dad’s taxi from morning til night collecting the hundred dollar fares from his sun-stricken and fatigued passengers. Many were his neighbours – I could tell from their warm greetings and friendly rapport. Unlike other Jamaican men I had come across, his style wasn’t elaborate or multicoloured, but laidback and fitted. Always … Continue reading

Tales from Jamaica- the Veranda

Beneath the zinc rooftop where the bug-seeking lizards scurry between tree bark and wooden planks, and there opposite the half-brick half-concrete liquor shop, the sound of dominoes slapping down from rum touched and sweaty palms echoes and travels across the decrepit road – with the shock factor of an unsuspected mosquito bite. Overlooking trees which bare many brightly-coloured fruits, … Continue reading

Marsha Ambrosius promotes safe sex

The amazingly talented Marsha Ambrosius returns with the third single from her debut LP, Late Nights & Early Mornings, carrying a poignant message about the dangers of unprotected sex. Premiered just yesterday on the US Centric TV, the video shows the sensual side to the singer as she seduces her willing male counterpart, meanwhile in the split screen the … Continue reading

Bang! Man Down

Rihanna’s name has been splashed all over the internet recently, but it isn’t that much of a suprise as we all know that the RnB songstress does nothing by halves. Slammed by critics after allegedly groping a young female fan at a meet n greet session, suing fashion house Gucci for $5 million worth of damages and then releasing the … Continue reading